What Might God Do For 10's Sake?

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Thank you for taking an interest in learning more about For 10 Sake and what this site is about.  As a husband of a wonderful God-fearing wife and the father of three precious children, For10Sake.com was birthed out of a desire to keep my focus where it ought be – on the Lord Jesus Christ and the promises in His Word – in the face of an increasingly anti-Christian culture in our beloved country.

Being a Christian and an avid consumer of the daily news, I found myself at times getting discouraged and frustrated by the rapid moral descent of our culture and the growing boldness of anti-Christian sentiment as driven by the main stream media.

What might God do for America for ten's sake?

What might God do for America for ten’s sake?

Everywhere you look from the state houses to the white house, from Hollywood to Nashville, from the Jersey Shores to the San Fernando Valley, from Sin City to the Big Apple; our Godly heritage is on a steep moral decline.

Through all of the negative news, I would frequently find myself getting caught up in the culture war, discouraged by things I couldn’t change, and frustrated by these circumstances.  Sadly, this behavior is destructive; it feeds the flesh, and renders the Spirit of God ineffective in our lives. So rather than succumb to the temptation to hunker down in a bunker until the Lord’s return and be useless for God, I want my life and this site to serve as a rallying cry for Christian Americans to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get our focus back on the Lord and the promises contained in His Word.

We are called to be Soldiers of the Lord.  Effective Soldiers are trained, obedient, faithful, united, and loyal to their commanding officers.  Friend, we serve the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  Let’s stand on the Word of God (the inspiration behind our logo) and beseech the Lord, much like Abraham besought the Lord on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah, that God might be long-suffering and merciful toward us as a Nation for ten’s sake.

Remember back to Calvary and how the Lord stood in the gap for us and endured the unthinkable.  As my Pastor often states in light of our Nation’s moral decline, our marching orders haven’t changed.  We are still commanded to go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19).  We need to let our light so shine among men to draw them to our Savior.  The darker it gets in our land, the brighter our light – the light of Christ – will shine.  Friend, if we don’t remain faithful in trying to reach the lost, who will?  Aren’t you glad someone reached you with the gospel?

It’s God’s desire to find us faithfully carrying the banner of the cross to a lost and dying world.  It’s our desire this site and online community will symbolize the faithful remnant of Christian Americans that will pray believing and expecting God not only to spare our Land from His righteous judgment, but that He’ll draw the hearts of men nigh unto Him and usher in a desperately needed spirit-filled revival to heal our land.

What might God do for 10’s sake?

In Christ,
David Crier